For one year policy company shall send renewal notice with required premium before one month of the policy expiry to the address provided in the proposal form.

Maximum an hour, after receiving proposal form, along with necessary documents.

All services related to Non-Life Insurance

Company Act 2063; Insurance Act 2049; Insurance Rules and Regulations 2049; and other related Laws and Acts, including rules and regulations circulars issued by Beema Samiti.

Claim Department of Head Office and/or any branch offices or email at info@unitedinsurance.com.np

At the Company's Head Office
First : Mr. Dipak Khatri, Senior Officer
Second : Mr. Topendra Katel, Deputy Manager

Know Your Customer (KYC) Form along with Photo Copy of Citizenship, One PP Size Photo, PAN/Registration Paper (for Firm) is a must for all Insurance.

Required document for Insurance: 

  1. All types of Insurance : Proposal Form
  2. Vehicle Insurance : Vehicle Registration Booklet (Blue Book), renewal notice issued from previous insurance company (if any).
  3. Marine Insurance : Letter of Credit (L/C), Invoice, Pro-forma Invoice.
  4. Contractor's All Risk : Contract Document, Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  5. Travel Medical Insurance : Copy of Passport
  6. Other Insurances: As required by the company

The total Premium includes fees as declared in Insurance Policy/Tax Invoice, stamp fee and VAT.

Within two weeks after receiving complete documents i.e. Surveyors' Report, completed claim form and other essential documents

At the Company's Head Office
Mrs. Sabi Vaidya, Senior Manager

Company's share issues is handled by M/S. Nabil Investment Banking Limited,  Naxal, Kathmandu

At the Company's Head Office
Mr. Anil Guragain, Company Secretary 

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